Make Google Analytics work for your business.

Its good to have gut instinct but sometimes its even better if you have the data at hand to turn that gut instinct in to a revenue. With Google Analytics you can do just that.

You can customise your Google Analytics to provide you with relevant data to isolate types of users, products and media channels which will help you make more informed decisions on marketing spend and product revenue. I can configure your Google Analytics according to your business goals and provide you with a clear view performance data, which will enable you to be confident in making marketing decisions.

Apart from the basics of traffic numbers and bounce rates etc, Google Analytics will help with..

  • Optimising your conversion funnel

  • Increasing product revenue

  • See how different channels work together in assisting conversions.

  • Product performance analysis

  • Optimise your campaigns with on-page data and event tracking

Google Analytics setup and consulting.

Having Google Analytics correctly installed is essential for any online business.

For you to make the right decisions you need to know that you can trust the data otherwise you can end up allocating your marketing budget in the wrong places.

I can provide a full audit of your Google Analytics setup and offer the following services.

  • New Google Analytics installations

  • Campaign Tracking

  • Custom Reporting

  • Social Media Tracking

  • Custom Dashboards

  • Segmentation

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Event Tracking

  • Ecommerce Tracking

  • Custom Goals

If you are interested in discussing your Google Analytics setup then please get in touch.

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