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Make Local SEO work for your business.

How can local SEO with RankFresh help your business?

Local SEO is about ranking sites for local search terms like: “Solicitors Tunbridge Wells“. Many businesses only serve a local area so have less benefit from ranking for keywords like “Solicitors” also bidding on these generic non specific keywords can prove very costly and you can soon exhaust your daily budget for little return. Besides bidding on keywords targeting the local area you can also appear to people within a certain radius e.g within 10 miles of Tunbridge Wells.

What are advantages of  local SEO?

One advantages in local SEO is that you have less competition and are highly relevant to consumers who are searching for your service. Plus you will pay much less for the keywords as only people living or searching within your area will see your ads. Even if you do serve the whole country its recommended you create specific ads that target local areas.

Local SEO for businesses of all sizes

Local SEO is all about making your website visible and relevant within a specific locality. This benefits small to medium businesses serving a specific area as well as larger companies looking to promote their product or service to specific groups of people. Whatever your needs, our local SEO experts will create a campaign tailored to your exact requirements.

Managing and Reporting

Once we’ve researched, created and launched your local SEO campaign, we will provide you with meaningful reports and insights. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will be available to discuss the progress of your campaign, and provide you with weekly and monthly reports.

How we can help you reach more local customers?

Our goal is to understand your business goals and help you achieve them. We identify and research your target audience to ensure we appear to them at the right time and in the most cost effective way. To ensure you convert these visitors we work with you to carry out robust on-page and off-page optimisation to give your website the best chance of converting leads into sales.

We provide a comprehensive service that includes the following:~

Location based Targeting

By listing you on Google Maps and Google Plus Local as well local business listings and directories. This ensures your website has high local visibility in Google.

Landing Page Optimisation

A wide range of on-page factors can affect your conversions. From product descriptions and images, our expert SEO team looks at your competition and all of the relevant unique selling points to ensure your landing page is as relevant as possible to your customers needs. We can also provide A/B testing where we produce 2 or more copies of your sales page to see which one converts better or produces a higher average order value.

We offer a totally transparent landing page optimisation service, meaning you will know exactly what changes we’re making to your website, why its necessary and how they’ll improve your website’s conversion rate.

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