How to Stop Competitors from Bidding on Your Brand on Google Ads


Advertising on Google can be pricey especially if you are a new business trying to enter the market. But it can be even worse when a competitor is bidding on your brand thus increasing the price of your advertising.

There are two cases where someone may be bidding on your brand:

Competitors Using Your Brand Name in their Ad

If you see that a competitor is using your brand name in their ads the first thing you should do is make sure your brand’s name is trademarked. The trademarking process varies according to your country but if you live in the UK you can register for a trademark.

Once this is done you should report the issue to Google, and they should remove that ad and issue a warning to the business. If the issue persists you can choose to contact Google again so that they can take further measures, or if you believe it is severe enough, you could take them to court.

Competitors Bidding on Your Brand Name

There is no direct solution for this, as Google allows companies to bid on any keywords including brands, as this profits them and is not breaching any trademark laws. The only way of possibly solving this issue is to contact whoever manages your competitor’s marketing. Reaching an agreement can profit both of you as they will stop bidding on your brand, and you won’t  have to bid on theirs. You can start by sending them an email, and if you get no answer, you can give them a call. Always keep a calm tone and make sure not to seem threatening.

We hope with the help of this article you have developed a better understanding on the subject. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more guidance on how to avoid competition for brand keywords and any other pay per click advertising questions you may have.