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Navigate & Capitalise on Google’s March 2024 Algorithm Updates

This month Google released two important updates: the Core Update and the Core Web Vitals Update. These updates are potential turning points for website management. Even though the names sound a lot alike, these updates affect different parts of your website, such as its health, how well it ranks in search results, and how users interact with it. This guide demystifies the changes and gives you new ideas and tips you can use to improve your website management. Are you ready to make changes to your site and make it better because of these changes?

The Google March 2024 Core Update: Raising the Bar for Content

This Core Update shows that Google is still putting a lot of stress on great content, telling users to put content quality first.

How to Understand the Core Update

As Google’s goal is to organise and show useful information clearly, this change supports the idea that real, useful content is important. Research shows that the quality of the material has a big effect on how engaged and loyal readers are. What about your content? Does it meet these higher standards?

Improving Your Content Strategy 

Never before has content been so important. The change makes you think again about how relevant, deep, and engaging your material is. HubSpot shows that companies with busy blogs get 55% more visits. Is your content plan changing enough to keep people interested?

Content Audit & Improvement

A full content audit can show you where you need to make big changes to make sure you’re meeting Google’s new standards. Engaging content is a big part of getting organic traffic; regular writers see 434% more pages being searched. What kind of use does your material make of this potential?

In Response to the Core Update

Are you seeing changes in your traffic or rankings? Most likely, the Core Update is to blame. Adapting how you write content to these changes is important if you want to keep or grow your online profile. If you’re not sure what to do next, consulting with experts can help you figure out what to do.

The March 2024 Core Web Vitals Update

Putting the User Experience First -The Core Web Vitals Update puts the user first by focusing on speed, security, and engagement.

Looking into the Core Web Vitals Update

Google results are now affected by user experience in a big way. Neil Patel said that a 7% drop in sales can happen in just one second. What do these important speed measures say about your website?

Making Your Site Work Better for Important Web Things

Meeting the Core Web Vitals standards can make users more interested and improve your search ranking. Mobile SEO is necessary because a lot of people check the web on their phones. Are you ready to put these technological improvements into action?

Improvements to Technology that will Make the User Experience Better

Improving technical aspects of your site can make it much easier to use and run faster. Load times can be cut down by a lot by doing things like optimising images or reducing the size of code. Users expect sites to load quickly, so how does yours do?

Looking at your SEO Plan

The SEO world is always changing, so it’s important to review your SEO plan on a regular basis. Both users and search engines expect a balanced approach that combines honest material with fine-tuned technology skills. Have you recently looked over how you do SEO?

Keeping Up with Changes in SEO

Things are always changing in SEO. To stay ahead, you need to learn and change things on your own. Are you ready to keep up with changes and make your plan better as a result?

Taking Action

Good SEO is all about providing value and a great experience for users. Focusing on these basics will help your site work better and let users connect with it more. Getting help with SEO can make your online experience even better

Let’s Talk SEO!

Want to find out how the latest Google updates might affect your site? Wondering how to stay one step ahead in the SEO game? We’ve got you covered!

At RankFresh, we’re all about making SEO work for our clients. Whether you’re looking to tweak your strategy or need a full SEO overhaul, we’re here to help you navigate these changes with ease.

Fancy a chat? Call us or drop us a line at rankfresh.com/contact. Stay one step ahead and let’s climb the rankings together! 

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