Starting Right: The Importance of Implementing SEO Before Website Launch

Scrabble pieces spelling SEO

Imagine prepping for a marathon, only to start the race with your laces knotted together. This is much like unveiling a website without considering SEO first. Understandably, the excitement of launching a revolutionary new business idea, particularly at the cusp of a new year, is palpable. The marketing noise builds, interest peaks on social media, and then your SEO specialists chime in with a cautionary “Hold on! There are fundamental issues preventing optimal traffic flow!”

Suddenly, the exhilaration around your brand-new product wanes. Instead of a grand introduction to the world, you’re grappling with unexpected delays or a site that doesn’t fully tap into its immense potential. The race you were once ready to win now feels heavy and cumbersome.

As experts in the realm of SEO, we frequently find ourselves in a reactionary position, focusing on mending issues rather than pioneering fresh strategies. Many brands operate under the assumption that once their website is up and running, there’s little else to be done in terms of organic growth.

In an ideal scenario, every website launch would seamlessly rise as a formidable contender in its market niche. Potential issues would be pre-emptively identified and rectified. But for such success, SEO integration from the outset is non-negotiable. Here’s why:

  • Guiding Your Launch: SEO insights can shed light on content deficiencies and technical shortcomings that well-established competitors may overlook. Despite their vast resources, many larger entities are hampered by outdated systems or cumbersome operational processes. Conversely, nimble brands that infuse SEO into their launch strategies can effectively chip away at these behemoths’ organic market foothold.
  • Cost-Effective in the Long Haul: Correcting potential pitfalls during the initial stages, when the site is compact and malleable, proves easier and more economical. Making structural alterations to mature sites can be resource-intensive, not to mention the potential revenue losses incurred from prevailing issues.
  • Round-the-Clock, Complimentary Traffic: Although SEO might not offer the immediate thrill of other marketing endeavours, its merits are undeniable. Unlike sporadic advertising campaigns, SEO provides a consistent, cost-free traffic flow. Dominating specific high-value keywords means that a significant portion of users searching for those terms will find their way to your site.
  • Immediate Traction in Search Results: Typically, newly launched sites experience a latency period in search engine visibility. Google, in its quest to provide quality content, scrutinises new websites to determine their trustworthiness. A site grounded in SEO principles is poised to navigate this evaluative phase more swiftly, accelerating its appearance in search results.
  • Pioneering Over Patching: If your site is already SEO-compliant, efforts can be channelled towards innovative measures rather than remedial fixes. This proactive approach keeps you abreast of algorithm tweaks and industry advancements, ensuring a competitive edge.

Given these compelling reasons, it becomes evident that incorporating SEO prior to launching your site isn’t just advisable; it’s imperative. It’s the smart investment that ensures your business not only starts on the right foot but continues to stride forward, realising its transformative vision in the digital landscape.

At RankFresh we have years of experience when it comes to SEO. If you have any questions or would like to implement SEO into your new website do not hesitate to get in touch with us.